Uptown at Farrier Review

Uptown at Farrier Review

Uptown at Farrier is owned by Low Keng Huat Limited and is one of their recent development. Singapore is where the Low Keng Huat company is based. The establishment is situated in Farrer Park after the developer registered the greatest bid for the prime piece of land near Farrer Park MRT Station.

Inside View of Uptown at Farrer Condo

One-of-a-kind amenities were offered in Uptown at Farrer built by Low Keng Huat Limited. A club house, guardhouse, indoor gym, function room, tennis court, 50m pool, sundeck, BBQ pits & children’s play area are special amenities available for you. It offers the family a peaceful life style mainly because it was in a balmy area. The facility takes care of all of your family amusement needs. Near Farrer Park MRT rests Farrer Park Condo Perumal Road and various other areas of the vicinity in Farrer Park.

Buyers are seeking around the area for a real-estate property and due they are keen interest, Low Keng Huat Limited tries to get into the luxury market section in Singapore with their newest development, Uptown at Farrer. It’s just a few minute drive from Perumal Road to reach Vivocity along with other parts of Singapore.

How to reach to Commercial Conveniences Uptown at Farrer Condo
Since there are commercial developments emerging in the area, some kind of special commercial facilities were made available to Uptown at Farrer’s residents. There are hotels and dining establishments made available in the region. Claremont Hotel, Fortuna Hotel, Tai Hoe Hotel, Femloft Hostel and Shing Hotel are some of the hotels provided. Various entertainment places are available in the area. Some of the restaurants close to the facility are Nalan Restaurant, Purely Vegetarian and The mask restaurant. Whether you are family, couple or single, there is something for everybody. Families with children have many kids themed play areas where they can take their kids for amusement. This means that children now have a safe place to stay while their parents go shopping. A well-known playpark is the Somme Road Playground.

Uptown at Farrer Condo Perumal Road Location’s Medical Facilities
Top-notch amenities are available. If you are searching for a good condo, one should also consider having handy access to medical facilities. Investors should consider Uptown at Farrer whose central position gives simple and fast access to major hospitals in Singapore. From the development you can easily access public hospitals and also private medical facilities.

Access to Education Facilities.
Top-notch education are being offered by outstanding schools. Families with kids who’re still studying benefits from such facilities.

Among the critical factors to consider when looking for a fantastic residential area is its transportation system. Uptown at Farrer has got the finest transportation that connects various areas of Singapore that makes it the best home.